The Ultimate Guide to Apple AirTags | Are they worth it in 2023 ?

Apple AirTags are pocket-sized Bluetooth trackers that can be used to monitor precious or regularly misplaced things like your luggage, wallet, or car keys. We’ll go through how AirTags are set up, how Bluetooth tracking technology works, how to make sure no one is tracking you without your knowledge, and more.


How do Apple AirTags function ?

Apple AirTag transmit a Bluetooth signal that links to any nearby device via Apple’s Find My network in an anonymous manner. Based on the strength of the Bluetooth signal supplied to those external devices, the AirTag’s location is triangulated.


The location data from your AirTag is synced to the cloud and marked on a map for quick access. There are two additional techniques to locate AirTag: Precision Finding and beeping.

Use the Find My app to make the AirTag beep if, for example, you know it is somewhere in your living room but can’t locate it. Just keep listening for the beep until you find the AirTag.


Only iPhone 11 and later models are compatible with Precision Finding since it needs an iPhone with an U1 ultra wideband chip. Your iPhone transforms into a compass that points in the direction of the AirTag and indicates how far away it is, similar to a quest arrow in a video game.

What is the range of Apple AirTag?

For their Bluetooth signal to be detected, AirTags must be within 33 feet of an iPhone or another device connected to the Find My network.

Apple AirTag: Is Wi-Fi Required?

Apple AirTag do not function with WiFi.

Has Apple AirTag GPS technology?

Apple AirTags lack GPS, thus no. But technology is comparable. Instead than using a network of satellites to determine a location, AirTags rely on a network of over 1.8 billion iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs.


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Are Apple AirTags waterproof ?

They are NOT waterproof, as is the case with all other Apple goods, but rather water resistant, which means they may endure brief contact with water, such as splashes, but shouldn’t be submerged in it if your dog took an AirTag swimming.


Does Apple AirTags have a monthly fee ?

One of the most affordable tracking devices available is Apple’s AirTag, which costs just $29.

Compared to other Apple items, the price range is more reasonable. So it stands to reason that Apple would charge a monthly fee for the AirTag in order to fully utilize the tracking gadget.

Thankfully, Apple’s AirTags are free and don’t require a monthly fee or membership.

Does Apple AirTag need to be charged ?

However, you can anticipate that an AirTag will survive for around a year. Using an AirTag will affect its battery life. You’ll only ever use it after you’ve misplaced something, though.

Can you share Apple AirTag’s location ?

The AirTag location cannot be disclosed to anyone. Give your youngster an AirTag so you can keep tabs on them in the park or other nearby area. Alternatively, you may fasten it to the collar of your pet to keep tabs on them while you’re inside.

Uses for Apple AirTags:

  • You can attach an AirTag to your wallet.
  • You can attach an AirTag to your dog’s collar.
  • You can keep it in your bag.
  • Add it to your luggage.
  • Attach it to your keys.
  • Keep it in your child’s backpack.
  • And many more uses.

Air Tags


AirTag  The Verdict

Even in its initial version, Apple AirTag is almost flawless. Anyone who frequently misplaces their keys and other little objects should find it useful and less stressful. Future AirTag variants should come in various sizes and won’t necessary need other equipment to function. Try at least one AirTag right now to determine if it’s the appropriate one for you.

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